Bringing the trend from the East Coast, to East Tennessee. 

Our ice cream is made uniquely to other ice cream shops, since it only becomes “ice” cream when we make it in front of you.


It’s different.

Our rolled ice cream is made by pouring our high quality cream base onto a below freezing stainless steel plate. We add the mix in flavors of your choice, be it cookies, fresh fruit, or chocolate, and whatever else we have on the list. The cream and mix in is then chopped with our spatulas, and mixed so every bite is full of flavor. We then spread the now solidifying cream into a thin sheet, and when it firms up, we scrape it off, creating curls of custom ice cream. Toppings can then be added to give it a finishing touch, and burst of flavor.

Stop by today. 

We are located in the Publix complex in the heart of Pigeon Forge, at 2656 Parkway, Suite 6, Pigeon Forge TN 37863. We are minutes away from the numerous local attractions.